Bring the spa-like experience at home!

by Christina Evangelista on Dec 19, 2022

Bring the spa-like experience at home! - The Alitaptap

Distressing can be expensive. The urge to book a trip and travel, eat at an expensive resto or spend so much on food delivery when we feel tired and stressed can be costly. It’s not everyday we have the budget for these things, which is why it’s a great thing that simple things out there can help us relax, distress and experience the same kind of leisure and luxury in the comfort of our homes. If you’re one of the tired fellas out there who could use a little break, read through this article and let yourself have a homey spa-like treatment you deserve!


This year has been hard for all of us, the constant adjustment we have to do with the overall pandemic situation, our work environment and home life can be such an energy sucking bi—-TOOT! Regardless, we must not forget that we deserve the effort we exert for other things too.







Three things you can do:


  1. Make the evening feel like you’re in a Hollywood movie.

 Have you watched those films where the lead character puts on a facemask, pours herself a glass of wine and re-watches her favorite film again after a tiring day at work? One way or another, scenes like these make us feel uplifted and motivated to take a break, so it’s time to make yourself the lead character and make your pamper day a little extra. Cleanse the bad vibes away with a nice combination of a bamboo and peppermint scented shampoo and conditioner, run a hot bath and release all the negative energy you have felt the whole week with a Toffee Coffee Scrub with olive oil  to improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation and prevents premature aging caused by harmful UV lights! Put on your favorite facemask and  match it with a nice tall glass of champagne. Enjoy your spa-like treatment like the star you are!


  1. Get quality sleep.

The hustling and bustling you do as an individual can be draining, it’s nice to have at least a day to stop everything and allow your mind to take a break–one way to do that is to get quality rest. We forget that sleep plays a vital role in our everyday lives, it allows us to function and think well! So it’s time to get in bed, light some SPARK candles, play a little bit of Frank Sinatra and let yourself be the sleeping beauty that you are! (without pricking yourself, of course) This treatment is the perfect way to stop and escape from the rat-race and gain back the energy you have lost from working hard, let the aroma of candles slowly comfort you, let your body sink into your sheets and mattress and the overall relaxing vibe give you a go-signal to rest your mind.


  1. Hot baths and massages

Baths can be a great way to release stress and it’s even better to combine it with a good massage to relieve any body pain! Make your days at home feel extra special, try a variety of premium quality soaps certified to bring you leisure and luxury all at the same time! Enjoy the relaxing scent of Lavender or Passionfruit as you book your favorite massage service while lighting up @sp.rkph’s Body Balm Massage Candles! What a way to make your rest days worthwhile!



If you have made it at the end of this article, you have no excuse but to take a break! Time to drop everything and choose yourself this time. You deserve it!



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