Caring for your candles

by Christina Evangelista on Dec 11, 2022

Caring for your candles - The Alitaptap

It was just a scented candle until you found  yourself hoarding every single one of it in your favorite shops… Who knew comfort could be in the form of candles? If you’re here, you’re probably one of those who recently discovered that candles could be your form of therapy, joy, and coping mechanism. If you’re starting to be a candle connoisseur, here’s your ultimate five-step guide to candle care!


What you should know


Candles are made up of two things: wick and wax.


What is the role of these two? Well, the wick plays a massive role in a candle aside from lighting your candle babies up. If a candle is not properly wicked, the tendency of the fragrance to burn off too quickly can happen due to leftover wax on the sides and you may not be able to enjoy the scent of your candles. Wicks control the size of the flame too. If your wick is “dancing” you might wanna check if you have a bigger or longer wick than expected. Remember that an ideal candle has a steady flame in the right situation.


Wax is the one wherein the candles are made of. There are also different types of waxes. Today, most candles are made out of paraffin wax, but other shops make their candles using eco-friendly products like beeswax, coconut wax, ( *coughs* check out SP.RK PH ) and soy wax.


 Different types of wax have different types of scent throw or candle throw. This term used to be a jargon for candle makers but eventually became important for candle owners too! Knowing this term is beneficial in choosing the right candles for you. Candle throw describes how well a scent travels through the air to fill the space of a room. It describes the quality of smell, such as how strong or weak the fragrance of your candle is.  A strong candle throw means that the scent of your candle can travel farther and can fill up a larger room or space. On the other hand, a weak candle’s fragrance is noticeable only when you’re near the candle itself.


Other terms you should know are cold throw and hot throw. Cold throw describes how strong a candle smells after you pick it up on a store shelf; hot throw talks about how strong the candle smells when you’re burning it.  A strong cold throw does not equate to a strong hot throw, it all varies to a candle’s design and type of wax used.  Soy wax is very light in terms of throw while Coconut wax is stronger than Soy. Paraffin wax is the strongest (and cheapest) but it’s not entirely safe and clean. Beeswax has a sweet scent when burned naturally!


Now that you know a thing or two,  let’s dive right into how you can care for your candles!



Candle Care


Candle owners know that owning a jar of candles is not just about lighting them up and blowing the flame off them right after. There are a lot of things to keep in mind! But don’t be overwhelmed; we’ll slowly walk you through your first steps to candle care!


  1. Trim the wick.

The key to an even burn is knowing that your wick is at the right length. The recommended wick length is 0.25 inches. If you go longer than that, you might wanna use your good ol’ mighty scissors or your wick trimmer to cut a bit of length. Don’t cut it too short, though, as it might drown in an ocean of wax. Yikes!


  1. Keep time in mind.

We know it’s tempting to keep the candle burning all throughout the day; trust us, we also wish we could leave it burning overnight as it feels more relaxing, but we can’t. Candles are made to burn for 4 hours. Going too long or too short in the duration can cause your candle wax to go too thin or not disseminate fragrance adequately.  Always wait for a full melt pool since soy wax has a memory!


  1. Watch the room temperature.

Candles also have an expiration date, and not being mindful of your candles' room temperature can speed up your candle's aging process. Make sure to store your candles in a cool dark place or at room temperature.


  1. Don’t blow!

Let me guess, you turn off your candle by blowing a little air through your mouth too, don't you? Well, we all make that mistake! Care for your candles more, and refrain from blowing air into the flame to turn it off. Doing this can produce soot and smoke that may fall into your wax too. Use a candle snuffer instead or the lid of the candle itself!


  1. Watch out for smoke.

Fire and smoke are like a pack; when there’s fire, smoke is present. But in lighting your candles, there shouldn’t be smoke! If there is, turn it off, trim the wick, and light it up again! Make sure to keep the lit candles away from curtains, kids or pets running around! You don’t want a fire disaster to happen right? RIGHT!


Now that you know all these basic steps, it’s time to care for candles better. (We suggest saying sorry to the first ones you’ve had before knowing all of these, lol!) make your candle-collecting journey a wise and fun one!




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