Cozy Halloween

by Christina Evangelista on Oct 30, 2022

Cozy Halloween - The Alitaptap

Are you feeling the chills yet? Because it’s about to get really spooky!


Halloween is just around the corner; some are either looking for the best costume to wear or getting ready to PARTY! But Halloween does not automatically mean going out. If you’re one of those peeps who want to stay in but still want to experience the fun of this season, here are five things you can do at home during Halloween!


Before we give you suggestions on how you can make this season the best in the comfort of your home. Let’s trace back to why Halloween is celebrated by everyone. Today, Halloween is seen as a season to dress up and party. Still, during the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain, the essence of Halloween centered on the belief that the souls of the dead returned to their homes. This is why people would dress in costumes and lit bonfires to ward the spirits off. On the other hand, the concept of trick-or-treating became popular in the United States in the early 20th century; Irish and Scottish communities revived the custom of “guising,” where a person would dress in costume to tell a joke, recite a poem or even perform some trick in exchange for a treat.


Five things you can do at home during Halloween:

Going out may sound fun and exciting, and we need a little socializing here and then. But sometimes, even the best seasons can’t convince our drained energy to go out and interact. Here are a few things you can do to make this season memorable even when you’re not in the party scene!



  1. Cozy nights

Nothing beats a good ol’ cozy night with your favorite scary movie, a bowl of popcorn and some soda! Turn on the AC, build your little fort or cozy up in your bed and be ready for some netflix and spooky!


  1. Spooky Story Sessions

Whether it’s a nightmare or a real ghost encounter, we’ve all had a bit of real life spooky experiences to share. Make this halloween extra chilly by gathering up in your living room with some friends, lighting a candle (from @sp.rkph of course) and sharing your stories through a bowl of chips and a can of beer, sounds fun right? 


  1. Decorate your home

Feel halloween-y and decorate your homes with the best halloween decorations you can find! Take this time to turn an area in your home as your little halloween altar! Carve out some pumpkins, put up the poster of your favorite halloween movie, and add some treats for a hint of sweetness!


  1. Self-care time

While everyone’s out and partying, you might wanna take this time to do a bit of self-care too! Run a hot shower, fill your bathtub with some pumpkin smelling bath bomb and maybe scrub your stress away with some lavender soap from @scentualescapes. Don’t forget to keep the lights open though…


  1. Virtual Halloween Hangout!

If you and your friends decided to ditch the neighborhood’s halloween party then it’s not too late to still hangout. Set up a nice virtual halloween party, watch your favorite horror movie together via and dress up as your favorite movie or cartoon characters!




Any season is worth celebrating and you can always do it anywhere as long as you’re happy and you have the right people beside you. Now that you have all these activities on your list, it’s time to make your homey-halloween memorable!






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