Holiday Gift Check: Things to add to your cart this Christmas

by Christina Evangelista on Dec 08, 2022

Holiday Gift Check: Things to add to your cart this Christmas - The Alitaptap

Gifts are one way to show love and appreciation to someone, and to be honest, it’s joyful to see people’s reaction whenever you give them something as a token to remember a special day like Christmas! If you’re ready to go gift-shopping this holiday season but you still want to keep track of your budget and expenses, we got you! Here are some of Alitaptap’s best  budget-friendly gift ideas you can give someone this holiday!


History of gift-giving during Christmas

The tradition of gift-giving during Christmas existed thousands of years ago, even before online shopping took over our lives. It emerged from the religious story of Christmas where the Three Wise Men gave Jesus Christ presents when he was born, these gifts took the form of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.  Around 19th century machines and manufacturing processes allowed people to have a variety of gifts to give, giving birth to modern day gift-giving.


Best affordable gifts this Christmas

Now that you know the history of gift-giving, it’s time to see what gifts you can give your loved ones without hurting your pockets!


  1. Give them a little spark.

What’s a Christmas holiday without a nice jar of scented candles? It’s time to be more intimate this Christmas and give your loved ones something they can use to relax and feel the Christmas spirit more! Give them a nice jar or Spark Candle or maybe our three-wick Spark Bowl to make their Christmas flaming and filled with love!



  1. Make their Christmas Fierce, Fiery and Fashionable!

The best feeling is when you see your loved ones  confidently walk their way through Christmas and one way to do that is to give them something to boost their inner flame! Make their holiday feel like a movie through The Alitaptap’s Isla Kislap Accessories. Shine through the holidays with our Bloom collection or stay fierce and powerful with our Serpentine earrings!




     2. Holiday self-care pack!


Ditch the expensive spa treatments and make it a little more affordable and intimate for your loved ones. Give them access to the best quality soaps and hair care products without having to spend so much!

Scentual Escapes’ spa essentials will make your loved ones’ holidays filled with more love! Time to make them wash away the stress of the holiday rush by using our specialty and premium soaps!  Choose from different scents that remind you of your friends and family, make their holiday lovely and budget-friendly too!

The best time to do this holiday is to indulge in self-care and relax; make your loved ones enjoy the Christmas season with a nice set of self-care essentials!


Christmas presents don't have to be expensive, extravagant or extra all the time, a simple token of appreciation to make your loved ones feel that you remember them is enough to make their holidays spectacular! After all, Christmas is more than just the gifts, It’s a season of giving love, support and happiness!

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