It’s time for an upgrade!

by Christina Evangelista on Dec 12, 2022

It’s time for an upgrade! - The Alitaptap

Struggling because you find your style boring? Here's your sign to upgrade your look!


Planning your day's outfit can be exhausting, especially if you feel like you're wearing the same clothing pieces all the time! But styling is all about mixing and matching. One way to add fun to your fashionista routine is to accessorize! Accessories give extra flavor to your style–who cares if you go to the grocery looking EXTRA? Accessorizing gives your style an elevated look and will definitely make you feel more empowered!

Read through this article to know how you can turn BORING into BONNY!


Slay that “CASUAL” look with a pair of colorful earrings!


Playing it safe with your everyday outfit? If you love a pair of denim shorts and a white top as your go-to, you might wanna add a little flare to your style.

A pop of colorful earrings to go with your plain white sando-sleeve or t-shirt can make your OOTD look laid-back yet fun and bright! Be that quirky little tita everyone loves!


Can’t find a pair for this style? Check @islakislap’s BLOOM Collection!



 Glamorize that brunch date with amigas!

Having a day off from Mom duties? Or maybe you decided to ditch work and have a little catching up with friends? Whatever the reason is, you might wanna pair that plain sundress with a gorgeous pair of earrings from @islakislap’s Capiz Collection. This accessory will make your whole outfit look fresh and young!




Beautiful in bangles.

Ready to spice up the night? Suppose you’re looking for the perfect accessory to make your dinner date with your bae a little extra. In that case, it’s time to style your long black dress and nice heels with a stunning pair of brass bangles from Isla Kislap! The fun thing about this? You can use it for a spontaneous drink out with friends right after dinner!


Cute, Chic and Clean!


It’s tempting to stay comfortable in smaller accessories, especially if you want that clean look! But wait, you can look chic and cute with bigger earrings without compromising your neat style!


Accessorize an oversized polo and a pair of denim shorts with a chic-looking pair of Isla Kislap’s earrings! Stay clean and classy. This pair will make your whole outfit feel light and youthful!


Bold and Boss!


Going on a little get-together party with your workmates? It’s about damn time you show everyone that fire energy! Feel more powerful and pair that nice black suit with heels and a fierce pair of Isla Kislap’s earrings from their Serpentine collection! We suggest going for the red lip look, too. GET IT, GIRL!



If you’ve reached this part of the article, CONGRATS, HUN! You’re on your way to slaying every # OOTD there can be! But don’t forget to wear the most essential accessory ever––your CONFIDENCE!


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