Make it a FLAMING holiday!

by Christina Evangelista on Dec 10, 2022

Make it a FLAMING holiday! - The Alitaptap

If you’re a candle connoisseur, you can probably agree that everything is better with a candle on. And it’s not entirely wrong!  Spread love this Christmas season and take the opportunity to make your loved ones feel the Christmas spirit from the bottom of your heart by sparking a flame through our SP.RKph candles!


Candles play a big role in creating the mood inside a room, it initiates relaxation and relaxing sounds like a perfect thing to do during the holidays! So here are four things you can do with our candles to make your holidays more special!





  1. Set up a candle lit dinner.

What’s a good holiday without a nice dinner and good food? The good ol’ lasagna and baked chicken may make your holiday dinners the best but that isn’t the only way to make Christmas memorable right? It’s time to elevate holiday dinners by making it more intimate with SP.RKph’s candles! The perfect candle for this? Our SP.RK bowl! Decorate your dining table with some nice dried flowers and a 300 gram three-wick candle that makes you want to enjoy your food more!


  1. Anyone want to play some games?

If you and your loved ones aren't down to watch some classic holiday movies, yet you still want to make Christmas fun; playing some games might just create your perfect holiday memory.

A good game of Uno, Cards against humanity or maybe a nice round of snakes and ladders may spark your holiday fever! Upgrade your bonding time by including our Spark candle in your game night! Enjoy the scent of Apple Pie, White tea and ginger, Flora and Bamboo in a 220 gram woodwick candle!



  1. Create your own holiday book club!

Who says we can’t go back to the days where Ipads and Kindles weren’t a thing? Umm, we do!  Make holiday a little bit more different by forming a little holiday book club with your loved ones! Share a little insight on books like Royal Holiday or My True Love Gave To Me, make sharing a little bit heartfelt with our Body Balm Massage Candle too! Smell the scent of Ylang-Ylang and Lavender and Rose in a 150 gram candle as you share your favorite part of the book you’re reading. What a way to make Christmas extraordinary!


  1. We’re not too old for some heart-to-heart, aren’t we?


The best conversations happen in the most unusual times and this holiday reminds us that we’re not too old for some heart-to-heart talks regardless of where we are or what we’re doing!


Enjoy a little walk down memory lane with mom while baking, or maybe a nice “I’m grateful for you” conversation with your siblings on the patio this holiday, make it a bit more special by lighting up our wax melts!  Keep the spark alive with your loved ones through our soy wax made candle!



Regardless of how you make this holiday special, remember that it’s only going to be memorable when you put your heart into it.


Ready for the holidays? Check us out!

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