Show yourself some love.

by Christina Evangelista on Dec 13, 2022

Show yourself some love. - The Alitaptap

Have you ever heard, “If you love yourself first, no one can stop you.”  This phrase sounds so powerful and that’s because it is.


They say investing in yourself is essential and that making yourself your utmost priority is a MUST but is it always easy to do? Nah, of course not! How do we know? ‘Cause, you wouldn’t be here reading this article if it is! 


It’s always easy to tell yourself, “I deserve this.” but it’s challenging to close your laptop and stop working.  You’re lucky if you’re reading this article over iced coffee on a chill day; but if you aren’t, this is the  sign to pour yourself a tall glass of whatever or light a candle and take a breather.



What is self-care?


Self-care is a process that can reduce anxiety and depression, reduce stress levels, improve productivity and increase good moods. Any process or effort to engage in things that would make your mind and body feel better is a form of self-care! Self care is about what you feed your mind, what you choose to do for your body and the things you allow to enter in your life. 


You don’t need an extravagant trip to the spa or an expensive trip to care for yourself. Sometimes, you’ll find it in the little things like doing your skincare routine, making iced lattes, having a quick yoga session with a friend  or even doing a bit of online shopping!


Why is it necessary to engage in self-care routines?


One way or another, we all need a little love, and we can’t expect someone else to give that to us if we can’t do that ourselves, hun! One thing that refrains us from having a little break is our tendency to overdo things with our commitments whether for work, school, or a person. Let’s admit it, while some people like to procrastinate, some have a workaholic personality too. And although it’s good to take note of what’s essential in your life, never forget that you should also be part of your priorities! You can’t pour from an empty cup, don’t you?


What can you do to take care of yourself?

Now that you know it wouldn’t hurt to take a little break, here are three things you can do to take care of yourself and engage in self-care routines!


  1. Set a time for breaks.

You don't have to beat yourself up to finish all your tasks in one day! Research proves that there's no such thing as multitasking, and you can't really expect to do everything in one sitting (unless it's a grocery list). Don't feel bad about putting your phone down or shutting your laptop off for an hour or two. Studies say that a 15-20 minute minute break is an ideal length of breaks. The duration of your breaks are important too because you have to make sure your brain has time to do everything it needs for the break to be beneficial.  Taking breaks can improve your productivity because you can come back with a fresh mind to start working again!





  1. Enjoy the little things.

Knowing that the little things make the most significant difference is essential. If a little (responsible) online shopping can boost your mood and motivate you, do it! Suppose you find yourself feeling better after a five-minute meditation. What’s stopping you from making it a regular habit? Enjoy the little things and see yourself feeling better each time.


  1. Pay attention to what your mind and body says.

If your mind is telling you it’s not mentally prepared, take your time. Take a break if your body has been aching lately from all the slouches. Listen to what your body says; this form of self-care sets boundaries between you and your surroundings.


Now that you’ve learned that taking a break isn’t so bad, what are you waiting for? Put your phone down, take a long shower, light a candle, or maybe get a good nap! It’s time to make yourself a priority.





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