Surprise! Merry Christmas!

by Christina Evangelista on Dec 09, 2022

Surprise! Merry Christmas! - The Alitaptap

 From trick-or-treating to Christmas shopping, people are now transitioning to preparing for the most exciting time of the year! Everyone has their own take on how to make this Christmas season exciting and believe it or not, you can make Christmas special through the simplest yet fun things–like an Advent Calendar!


An advent calendar helps you countdown the days before Christmas, it comes with little gifts or phrases revealed each day when you open the rectangular or square boxes on the calendar. It starts on December 1st up until the 25th of December!


We want to make your Christmas special for you, which is why we created something you can look forward to this season, The Alitaptap’s advent calendar is filled a little bit of everything from soaps and earrings from Isla Kislap and Scentual Escapes, candles from SPRK PH and a mixture of Filipino treats! Exciting, right?


Now that you have an idea of what we have in store for you, it’s time to sit back, summon the Christmas spirit and know the top three reasons you should own an advent calendar this Christmas.



  1. Goodbye boring and waiting.

Have you ever felt like December was too long because it’s not December 25 yet? We feel you! We can’t just wait to get our hands on our chosen present or get a little wild on the Christmas wine, LOL! But say goodbye to boring days before Christmas and have something to look forward to each day when you own an advent calendar! Open a little box each day and set yourself up for a little surprise!


  1. Have something to share with a loved one.

Christmas is better when you share it with a loved one! And this is the exact same reason why owning an advent calendar can make your holidays more meaningful! Opening up a box each day and sharing it with a friend, a family member or your significant other, sparks up excitement and gives you something to make memories about! After all, Christmas is not Christmas without good memories!

  1. Have a little reward for yourself each day before Christmas!

Holidays can still be a bit hectic, so it’s important to have something to cheer you up on a daily basis, whether it’s a pair of well-crafted, hand-made earrings, or a nice smelling soap to accompany you in your self-care routine!  An advent calendar filled with treats can make the boring and exhausting days better!



Now that you know a thing or two about why you should own an advent calendar, it’s time to make your holidays more special and get yourself (or a loved one) a set of their own!


Wanna order your own advent calendar? Catch it before it’s sold out! Message us on our socials to get yours!

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