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by Christina Evangelista on Dec 06, 2022

Take a little peak… - The Alitaptap

Christmas shopping can be three things: FUN, COSTLY and STRESSFUL! And now that Christmas is just around the corner, the pressure to think of the perfect gift comes in! If you’re one of the 99.5% population that stresses a lot about Christmas shopping, this article will teach you three things: 1. Save more money, 2. Spare yourself the stress and 3. Make your gifts more special.


Let's look back on that one gift you gave to someone that made them the happiest. Is it a nice pair of Jordan sneakers? A prada bag? Or something thoughtful like a personalized coffee cup? How much time did you allot to think about the perfect gift to give to lil’ bro and his girlfriend? How much was left in your bank account after getting that expensive fragrance for mom? Regardless of the dilemmas you faced during Christmas shopping last year, it’s about time you make changes on your Christmas shopping regimen and shop wisely!


Now, I know what you’re thinking… “How will I do that?”  Well, the answer to your question is simple: get your loved ones a gift that won’t hurt your pockets and will make your friends and family look forward to Christmas, something like an Advent Calendar!


The Alitaptap’s Advent calendar is the perfect gift to give especially when you’re rushing, on a budget, or maybe trying to make things a little more extra; plus, it gives you  a taste of Filipino culture because it contains a mixture of hand crafted goods made from local materials. All items included are crafted with love! Save yourself the stress and give your special ones a bit of everything! From fierce pairs of earrings from Isla Kislap,  soaps from Scentual escapes that make you want to indulge in self-care, and candles from SPRK.PH that give your day the spark it needs, enjoy a mixture of Filipino snacks too!


Aside from all of these details about our advent calendar, the reason why it’s the perfect gift is because it definitely sparks the excitement in your loved ones that Christmas is near! Giving them an advent calendar gives them something to look forward to each day, even if it’s the simplest things like a nice pair of Serpentine earrings or a good smelling massage candle, you don’t only make their Christmas special but you make their whole December worthwhile and exciting! What a way to make your gift more special!


This season, it’s time to give things a little twist and incorporate more thought into our gifts. It’s not about how much you spent on a present because whatever it is, as long as it’s given with love, it can be the perfect Christmas gift! (But make sure to get an advent calendar…LOL!)



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