The Christmas Season is here.

by Christina Evangelista on Dec 05, 2022

The Christmas Season is here. - The Alitaptap

It’s that time of the year. Are you feeling the Christmas spirit yet? Since it is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, here’s a little guide to prepare for the most exciting season ever!


Celebrating Christmas is initially done to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. However, as the years progress, people find the joy and essence of celebrating Christmas with their families, friends and loved ones! Although it might seem fun and exciting, the holidays can also be a bit of stress especially if you’re not prepared for it; so save yourself the hassle of waking up in a pile of things to do, read this article and feel the Christmas spirit without worry!



Five things to do before Christmas!


Whether it’s Christmas shopping, hot chocolate in the living room, a little game of White Elephant or a fun day of baking Christmas cookies, you always have to prepare for it. It feels a lot better to celebrate Christmas without the panic and stress, right? YEP! So here’s a list of five things you should prepare for before Christmas!


  1. Create a list of important events.

They say that writing a list is beneficial to keep track of your daily tasks, and it’s true! From the moment you wake up to the time you hit the sack, it’s helpful to keep track of the things you need to do, it saves you a lot of time and takes the burden off your shoulders, and guess what? You can make a list for important holiday events too! Whether it’s a Christmas party with friends, a dinner night with bae, or a shopping day with Mom­–making a list of the things you need to do and attend to this Christmas can save you your time and energy! You can write it down on a piece of paper, your newly bought planner or journal, or even on your phone. Organize them and maybe set which events you should prioritize more. This will help you foresee the upcoming events you need to attend and may give you time to charge your social battery and maybe do a bit of early gift shopping too!


  1. Set a budget for gift giving.

Christmas season is all about giving, but you can’t really take Santa Claus’ place and give everyone a gift! Christmas shopping is very exciting but it can also leave your wallets hungry when you go gaga over the 50% off! Write down a list of people you want to give a little token to, set a budget and stick to that. This will save you the cost and make your bank account safe and steady. 


  1. Prep your home.

Always the one hosting Christmas dinners and parties? Maybe it’s time to put up the Christmas decorations as early as now! Set a schedule to clean your home, change your curtains, think of a new dining area theme and bring out the Christmas decorations you keep in your basements or attics. Maybe go for a new Christmas theme this year and add a little spark of decoration (like candles from!) too!


  1. Write down gift ideas.

What’s a prep guide without another list right? RIGHT! Now that you’ve written a list of important events and set your budget for gift-giving, it’s time to write down your gift ideas! This will save you the time of rummaging through the gift aisle or the hassle of last minute online shopping. Try looking for gifts with a touch of love too, like hand-crafted goods (Ehem, from The Alitaptap, of course.) and make the Christmas of your loved ones extra special through gifts that are made special just for them!


  1. Set activities.

The dinners and the shopping are just some of what makes the Christmas season exciting, don’t let your Holidays center on that though! Set activities with your family and friends–whether it’s a Christmas movie marathon, a nice board game over hot chocolate or a night to think of perfect Christmas recipes to serve during Christmas eve, setting activities can make Christmas extra special with your loved ones! 



Now that you have these five things to do before the holidays, make sure you don’t forget the most important thing you should do–MAKE GREAT MEMORIES.


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