‘Tis the Season!

by Christina Evangelista on Dec 07, 2022

‘Tis the Season! - The Alitaptap

Can you hear the sleigh bells ringing? Feeling the Chrisrmas spirit in the air? High-five, cause we do too!


Every year we look forward to the season of giving and just like how we put effort in cooking for our loved ones, gift-giving,  and decorating our homes during the holidays; it’s about damn time we put an effort on how we can make this holiday meaningful and memorable!  Whether it’s spending a night in your ancestral home, or hosting a holiday sleepover with your friends–we all have ways to welcome the Christmas season! Don’t have your Christmas tradition yet? Don’t fret! Read through this article to know the three ways you can create your own Christmas-welcoming tradition this season!


As much as it’s fun to plan the most extravagant event to welcome the holidays, you don’t need all that! You can start a new tradition this Christmas even in the simplest way possible–just like owning your own advent calendar!


The idea of an advent calendar was first adopted by German Lutherans in the 19th century as a way to count down the days until Christmas–which is one of their most important religious holidays. Back then, they would burn candles or mark the days off on a wall using a piece of chalk to keep track of the days until Christmas day.  Today, owning an advent calendar becomes a fun way to countdown the days until Christmas and here’s how you can make your own tradition this season using an advent calendar!



  1. Give gift-giving a twist!

Once the holiday season comes in, gift-giving becomes a routine. Gift-giving is one thing we look forward to the most this Christmas. Shopping for our loved ones can be exciting especially when you know exactly what they like! However, gift-giving is slowly becoming a routine and it’s time to make some changes into it to make it more fun! Since an advent calendar comes with many items that may surprise you, sharing them as a gift can be a new thing for you and your loved ones! Spark up the excitement and thrill of opening up a box everyday with a new item inside it perfect to share with a friend or family member who resonates well with that item, what a way to make things more intimate and fun!  (AND SAVE A LOT OF MONEY TOO, LOL!)


  1. Create a game out of it.

Ever heard of charades? If not, charades is a word-guessing game commonly played at parties and gatherings, make your holidays unique by incorporating this game using an advent calendar! Set up a little virtual hub with your friends and family and let them guess what item you got for the day. Give them a little love by giving the item to the one who guessed the item correctly, this way you can also strengthen your bond with family and friends! Unique right?


  1. Gift an advent calendar!

Want to share some extra love this Christmas? Go ahead and gift your loved ones with their very own advent calendar! Talk to your friends and family about the item you got for the day and maybe do a little exchange gift with them during Christmas eve!



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Regardless of what traditions you have this season, the most important thing you should remember is that we are the ones who make our  Christmas special, not the extravagant traditions we have or the expensive gifts we give! After all, ‘Tis the season to make memories.


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