Top five self-care habits you should develop in 2023

by Christina Evangelista on Dec 19, 2022

Top five self-care habits you should develop in 2023 - The Alitaptap

2022 might have given you some troubles here and there and it might be hard to restart and reprogram your mind to bounce back from all the stress; so here we are, ready to walk with you as you welcome change this 2023!


Change is never easy. It’s hard to accept and even more difficult to do, but it’s not and never impossible. One way to change up your life this year is to start with YOU. Investing your time in self-care and making it part of your everyday life can make a huge difference.  Self-care allows you to develop healthy habits that give birth to healthy relationships, more blessings and abundance. If you’re ready to welcome the new year with healthier habits, read through this article.



Self-care may sound easy and simple but it is not easy to master the consistency that is needed to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself, so here are five self-care habits you should start developing this coming year.


  1. Practice self-awareness

Despite living in a world where everyone seems to know everything, self-awareness can still be a struggle. Self-awareness has a huge role in developing your self-care habits, it allows you to know what you need, what you are dealing with and what areas in your life need improvement. Practicing self-awareness is essential in outgrowing habits that no longer serve you. Self-awareness gives you the power to gain the best possible outcome of a situation; for example, if you speak with clarity and honesty about your feelings towards someone, then your relationship with that person is most likely to be progressive rather than passive. Being self-aware gives you the chance to recognize your strengths and weak points and allows you to develop and improve them. So how do you do it? Make sure to identify the things you struggle with the most–whether it’s controlling your temper, not being able to stop binging on junk foods or engaging in self-destructive behaviors, make sure you know what the problem is. Once you know where you struggle the most, ask yourself  “What are the attainable  things I can start doing to change this habit?”  Set a goal and slowly accomplish them–start clearing out your junk food cabinet, take deep breaths when you feel mad or maybe try to look at things rationally, these simple things help a lot with attaining success in practicing self-care.


 Self-awareness is an important factor to master the art of self-care as it will be your main initiator for change.



  1. Be kind to yourself.

Beating yourself up for a mistake you made years ago? failed to do something before the deadline? Skipped the gym?  These are relapses we normally experience because of the mere fact that we are human beings. Each day, every single human being in the world makes mistakes but it does not entirely mean that these people are unworthy or not good enough and this is the exact same reason why you should respond to yourself with kindness. One way to develop healthier self-care methods is to start being gentle with yourself; you do not have to feel bad for not doing everything right all the time, the most important thing is how you take accountability for your lapses and continue to do better everyday. Learn to forgive yourself for the things you are yet to learn. Save some room for growth, no one’s perfect!


  1. Move

Self-care is not just about developing healthy mind habits, it is also the effort you put into making your body feel good and healthy.  A good 30-minute workout at least three times a week can work wonders for you. It is true that when we are inactive and stagnant, we feel more prone to exhaustion and stress. Start moving your body, whether it’s joining an online zumba class or jogging for an hour, it’s time to invest in your physical health!


  1. Allow yourself to have fun

We can never run away from the responsibilities we have but we can always do a little escape from time to time! Whether it’s a quick weekend trip at the beach or a wild night out with the girls, allowing yourself to have fun is a healthy way to reward yourself for doing your best at life! Sometimes existing can be hard enough so loosen up a little and  enjoy!


  1. Give what you can, when you can.

Have you ever seen a post saying, “On the days you can only give 40% and you gave it your all, that means you gave 100%.” we did! And it completely makes sense! The misconception is that we should always be at our best 100% of the time but it’s hard to maintain a hundred percent in life on the days you can only give 40% or lower, right? Doing your best isn't all about perfection. As humans, we can only do so much and a part of self-care is to set realistic expectations for ourselves.



Self-care is never an easy thing to practice, it takes consistency and discipline to move past your relapses, but regardless of these challenges. Make sure you do things for YOU.


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